Golf courses

Prime Irrigation have designed and installed irrigation systems for golf clubs throughout the UK since 1976, recently completing the installation of a new irrigation system at Braintree Golf Club. Uniting Prime Irrigation Ltd with Trenching Services has expanded our capacity and brings a highly experienced design and installation team on board. With over 40 years focussing on golf course irrigation, Trenching Services has designed and installed systems for a wide variety of golf clubs, both in the UK and Europe.​

Whether you’re looking for mole ploughing services or a maintenance contract to keep your course in tip-top condition, Prime Irrigation are happy to help.​

Our services:

Design & Installation​

From concept to commissioning, Prime Irrigation offer the highest quality, efficient systems, offering longevity, minimal running costs and maximum customer satisfaction.​

Our team will design and build a system specifically for your turf, whilst taking into consideration your current use of the land and minimising disturbance of any playing surface. Our team are flexible and can create the most advantageous solutions based on your current water storage and pumping capacity. We are also happy to work together with your consultants on design and installation projects.​

If you’re considering updating your system, we also offer to survey and appraise your current system and produce recommendations for improving performance and efficiency to make better use of available water and reduce labour input.​

Repairs & Maintenance​

Keep your irrigation system in tip top condition ensuring that any repairs and updates to your system are dealt with efficiently and effectively. If you have a problem we can help with, please call our office to schedule a visit.

Service Contracts​

An irrigation system is a significant investment so to keep your system running in tip top condition year after year, we offer service contracts for our turf customers. This includes a Spring Commissioning and Autumn Decommissioning, as well as priority support throughout the year at a reduced rate. Contact our Service Manager for further information on Service Contracts and how we can support your irrigation system throughout the year.

Parts & Equipment​

We keep a comprehensive range of parts and equipment at our stores in Suffolk, including Hunter, Rain Bird and Toro parts. Click here for more information.